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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Custom Closure and Bead Upgrades

Here are my newest custom options that can be added to your bracelet upon request.  You can choose from three different types of skull beads: The white acrylic skulls, hand carved wooden skulls, or the silver pewter ones.  The pewter ones are a nice survival feature because they make fantastic fishing weights which a lot of survivalist tend to forget the importance of when they put only hooks and line in their kits.
The next feature to show here which is an original design offering of mine is the ball-lock type closure. This closure is unique because it can instantly be adjusted to the perfect size which also takes the guess work out of buying a bracelet as a surprise gift for someone or a care package for a soldier. This is the closure that I use and it holds its place very securely and will not loosen on its own. And once again I was the first one to offer this design on the Internet.

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