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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Tactical Operater Series Bracelets

When seconds count in the activities you engage in and if you are one of those who are all about function and performance, I have a product for you. If you are an outdoors type then chances are Paracord/survival bracelets have become ubiquitous in your circles. I have been making them for quite a while now and my problem has always been the amount of time it takes to unravel one for use. WHAT IF IT'S AN EMERGENCY?.  So I set out to solve this problem and have come up with several new designs which allow a more rapid deployment of your cord.
This is a sinet braid which when the two working ends are pulled in opposite directions, the braid simply falls apart in a second.  It should be noted that the braid will not fall apart accidentally.  It takes intently pulling the ends in opposing directions for it to work.  Above is the 3/8 inch buckle option.  Below are the ball lock closures which are the fastest option.  I can go from it being on my wrist to completely unraveled in approximately 3-5 seconds!  
A close up of the ball lock on the rapid deployment bracelet.
Below is a traditional cobra weave with the addition of a pull tab negating the need for scissors or a sharp knife to cut out the melted ends for unweaving.  Just bite the end with your teeth and pull.  It still takes a minute to unbraid the thing but it gets rid of the need for tools to do it.

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