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Monday, April 19, 2010

Weapons {paracord creations}

My fellow weapon enthusiasts out there should appreciate my latest creation. It is my modern take on an old law enforcement favorite in the early part of the 1900's, the Black Jack. Traditionally it was constructed of a lead weighted fore end and a wooden handle all wrapped in leather. Mine are a bit different in material but every bit as vicious. For the business end I use a steel ball bearing wrapped in the monkey fist knot. The handle is a double braid or "King Cobra" style braid with a four strand tail that can be held making the weapon more of a mace and giving it nearly a foot of reach. I make these in several sizes and weights and can of course completely customize the color options. As for the uses for these, well, use your imagination, but I can guarantee that knuckles, eyebrows and collar bones hate this item.


  1. I made one of these the other day, but instead of a cobra knot for the handle I used a Royal crown sennet. It works very well as a sturdy handle, but also doubles as a very solid Fist-Pack kinda like a roll of quaters.

  2. i could send you a picture if you'd like, but otherwise this is a very good idea of a low-key, high-impact self defense weapon. take care

  3. What size ball bearing did you use? 1" or larger?

  4. I just made something like this but in stead ofa monkey fist I did a double woven glob knot and the handle is a 8 strand round braid used when making a whip